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Pensacola truly is one of the "Best Cities to Live In," and that thought is something that holds true for the thousands of residents who own real estate in Pensacola. Steeped in a rich heritage that dates back to 450 years, downtown Pensacola Real Estate is where it all began, and continues to be a vibrant community ideal for modern city urbanites and laid-back beach lovers alike.

The center of recreation is what defines downtown Pensacola Real Estate. One can explore the streets by foot, the best way to admire its beautiful parks, discover one-of-a-kind shopping boutiques, and choose from a variety of restaurants featuring both local and international cuisine, as well as various bars and clubs where you can enjoy dancing or simply listening to music.

Living downtown means living amongst abundant history. Only a few steps away from museums and historical landmarks, such as the Historic Pensacola Village, are offices, residential complexes, medical facilities, churches and schools. Should you be interested, you may buy real estate in Pensacola in historical neighborhoods and restore your very own property-giving you your own piece of Pensacola history.

You will never run out of things to do in downtown with the different festivals, parades, art exhibits, concerts and other gatherings that are held throughout the year. Beverage connoisseurs can enjoy the Pensacola Wine Festival or Oktoberfest, while sports enthusiasts can join The Pensacola Marathon or fishing tournaments.

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