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10 Helpful Hints to Adding More Curb Appeal


1. Paint or stain the front door, especially if it shows any weathering. This is one of the first visuals a potential buyer focuses on.


2. Change any dated, outside light fixtures.


3. Make sure that landscaping is well maintained and groomed. Have trees and bushes pruned and trimmed, clean out all landscaping beds and update them for the time of year, and replace sod where needed.


4. If the house needs painting and you are not willing to have the whole house repainted; have it touched up by a professional. Paint shutters and fix them if they are are not hung properly.


5. Remove any old or abandoned sheds or small structures from the property.


6. Consider adding a potted seasonal plant on either side of the entrance to the front door. It gives the potential buyer a more warm and friendly welcome.


7. Pressure wash the exterior of the home and have the gutters and windows cleaned. Window cleaning on the inside and out makes the house look updated and maintained, rather than old and dirty.


8. Replace any missing shingles on the roof. Usually this can be done inexpensively and may save negotiation over a completely new roof. Roof repairs should be minor or the homeowner might as well replace the entire roof.


9. Fix that driveway. For concrete, have any large cracks filled and repaired professionally. For blacktop, make sure cracks and crumbling areas are dug out and filled and then the whole driveway sealed.


10, Keep the garage as neat and organized as possible. It gives your home a visual of well appointed and organized space. Also consider painting the walls and floors, as it is usually inexpensive to do and can go a long way in this area.

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